23 things I achieved by 23…

I recently turned 23, WOOHOO!!

Birrthday tings
Look at how happy I look!

I sat and reflected on things I had achieved and I thought it would be nice to think about the things I have achieved. So here goes:

  1. I graduated! – I know it isn’t a big thing but the number of times I thought about dropping out, it really is a big thing that I managed to graduate.graduation at aston
  2. I have managed to not care about what people think – for me this is a really big thing because I went from being that girl who couldn’t leave the house to put something in the bin without actually looking half decent, and now I just walk around looking like a mess and still not care. You got to do what you feel comfortable doing!
  3. Jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet when I am scared of heights – you all have been exposed to the pictures several times and its one of my biggest achievements.me jumping our of a plane
  4. Traveled alone and with people. Explored many different places and fell in love with travelling and now I could just keep moving from one place to another.Little miss poser
  5. I have made some amazing friends. That really is an achievement because life without good friends isn’t a great life. IMG_5526
  6. I have carried on pursuing my dream of writing through this blog and it gives me so much happiness – people might not read it but it’s an achievement as I have carried on and managed to stay somewhat consistent.
  7.  As cheesy as it sounds, I have achieved the goal of loving myself. Honestly, this is so key because now I am just looking for my approval and spending time improving myself.

If you thought I was actually going to give you 23 things I have achieved then you really have a lot of faith in what I have managed to do in 23 years haha 😀

Nabeeda Laughing

But the plan is to do 24 new and amazing things before my 24th birthday and talk about them for my 24th birthday… PRAY FOR NABEEDA!

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