I have been working for a while now and I was finding it hard to get used to this different lifestyle. Life felt like a routine of going to work and coming back home from work which is never great. Especially for someone like me who likes to do a million thing and sleep at random hours.

I remember I was in the office and I was just looking at my reflection in the computer screen. I thought to myself that this is life now. When you are in school, you know you’ll go to college. When you are in college, you know you will go to University. University, you think about starting work. But here I was sitting in my office, thinking this is the rest of my life now. That realisation is scary, very scary. I love my job but the thought of just being there was too much for me.

Pink hair Nabeeda
My face when I realised that this is life.

This was the moment it hit me properly, I was now ADULTING!

That day I thought about this and even spoke to a couple of colleagues about it, who went on to say yeah that’s life you’ll get used to it soon. But I knew that’s not what life is all about.

One of my favourite quotes came to my head:

If you don’t like where you are, change it. You are not a tree.

I decided to do something about how I was feeling. I knew what was annoying me was the routine of having nothing other than work.

So I took on a leadership programme and joined the gym. It meant not only was I doing extra things but I was also doing things I was passionate about. They say, you should have three things in your life: one thing that makes you money, one thing that keeps you fit and one thing you are passionate about.

London Eye

I think for now I have managed to find that balance and it has made a difference. It made me realise, even when we start working and start that ‘adulting’ life, we need to do other things. Things that make us happy, things that we are passionate about.

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2 thoughts on “Adulting

  1. I am with you once l said my dad that after studies my life will be boring, being fatger of 20th century he didn’t understand and neing daughter of 20th century l didn’t have proper words or phrases to make him understand what l mean so mystery solved after 32 years that was adulting.

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