Exploring your city

So I spent over 3 years in Birmingham. I feel I pretty much belong to that place now. With so many memories in every place. From the Museum to the art gallery to the local coffee shops. Every place has a print of the years I spent there.

All the exciting birthday meals with friends or late night walks just ingrained in my memory. I felt like I knew Birmingham so well.


Until a friend came to visit and I showed them around Birmingham. That changed the whole experience.

I felt like I saw a whole new side even though I went to the places I had been to a million times. While talking about the places and going through the memories I experienced a new side as I made new memories.

As I acted like a little tourist guide, I felt like a tourist myself and learnt the some things I didn’t know about my city. I even ended up in areas I didn’t realise existed which was an experience i itself.


You see that’s the thing about exploring, sometimes you have to be a tourist in your own city to see what it really is. There’s always so much more to see than you’ve already seen and so much to discover and fall in love with.

Taking you time out and just going through places again with a new perspective and a new friend can make an old city, new as well.


So now I ask you to go out in your city as tourist and see what new things you learn and discover.

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9 thoughts on “Exploring your city

  1. Very true visiting Pakistan 🇵🇰 with you gives me the same feeling. As you came here after 4 years l am showing you different places and finding new aspects every time

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  2. It was a nice short blog but I was hoping to learn about some of the places you discovered as a “tourist”. I’d love to know what you think, maybe a little List-icle of you 10 fav attractions would be very helpful for people travelling to Birmingham… people like me.
    Hope suggestions are allowed in with the praise. 😊
    Evy x

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      1. You should definitely do it!
        I went to Hull and was looking for such posts a few months back so I would like a read of that.
        I think everyone has their own perspective which is what makes it special


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