Be ready for change

Things change so soon, you could be scared of something one day and not ready to take on the challenge and the next moment you’re thrown in the midst of it all.
Here’s a story:
Back in second year of university, I was given an opportunity to go to London and help out with an event and everything would be paid off. It was a wonderful opportunity. But I was scared. You see London always scared me at that time I didn’t want to get lost. London was so big and there was always so much happening and at that point that scared me a little and so I said no.
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Of course I justified it to myself by saying that I didn’t have the time or I had other commitments.
The thing about life is we always find ways to justify our actions whatever it is that we’re doing… it’s part of human nature. If I wanted to go I could have justified that too, but I didn’t want to go so i made up a million things which meant I didn’t have to go.
But you see life has a weird way of working. The things we are scared of or trying to run away from, it will put us slap bang in the middle of it all.
Within 8 months I had to move to Berlin on my own. Berlin is another London and I had to learn it all. The transport system the language issues.  Berlin is filled with people and its crazy at all times. I was doing everything all at once and life was much harder than it would have been in that trip to London. Everyday, to go to work I had to take the tube and the tram as well as a bus. I was being pushed to the limit of the thing that scared me. IMG_3677
But that’s what happens in life when things fall on you you’ll always manage them but when you have a choice you’re likely to run away from the harder option because thats easier than facing your fear.
But this taught me that sometimes it’s better to take the harder option because that’s how you learn.
That’s how you develop. So next time you get a option in life choose the hard one because life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


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