Love story Sunday #12

This is the final love story for a while…

I am running out of ideas and love stories ❤

But this love story is beautiful… it has the kind of start and ending you always dream of and hope you get one day.

This is the story of Veer. He had just gotten out of a toxic relationship and he just needed a break from all this relationship shabbang. He was about to move to Sydney to study for 4 years and that was all the space and break he needed. Veer was excited and filled with hope.

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And when you are so open to life then anything can happen. This big move to Sydney was about to change Veer’s life forever.

Veer was a confident guy but moving to Sydney from India was a big move, he was a little nervous and a little scared. He had travelled all around the world. But moving away for 4 years without knowing anyone, was a little scary, even if Veer didn’t really want to admit it himself or his family.

Then a friend of Veer’s suggested, joining the Facebook page for the University… I guess Facebook can be useful sometimes, he thought to himself. He posted a message on the page, telling people what he would be studying and where he would be staying. He wasn’t expecting anything from it.

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Until a few hours later…

A notification popped up on Veer’s phone, it read: Ria has commented on your post. He clicked on it and she had written she was doing the same course and was in the same accommodation. Veer felt a sense of relief, he didn’t even know why.


He decided to check out her profile, because isn’t that what you do HAHA 😀 and to his surprise, she was Indian too AND from his town in India. This seemed like a sign and Veer decided to message Ria,  hoping he could make a friend before the big move.

Ria replied a few hours later. She was actually in India at that point and after a few exchanges, Veer asked to meet up with her and she said Yes!

As Veer waited for Ria, he was a little nervous. As he was talking to himself to get himself to relax, there Ria walked up to him. He thought she looked so pretty as she walked up to him smiling. She just seemed so warm and friendly. As they spent the day together, Veer felt more comfortable about the move and he definitely was happy knowing he would have a friend like Ria when he will make the move to Sydney.

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As the sun started to set, they said goodbyes and Ria asked Veer to contact her when he arrived in Sydney.

Veer was prepared for the move and within a few days he was standing at Sydney airport. As he stood there he just felt so hopeful for the world full of opportunities. As he made his way to his accommodation, he messaged Ria to inform her about his safe landing. Veer knew she was a great girl and an even better friend.

She proved that as she helped Veer over the next few days buy all the necessary things, show him around and of course, show him the best food places. They tried different places together. Veer was so confused, as he saw this girl who was so perfect, and he had never seen anyone as selfless and loving as her.

He thought back to his past relationships and realised how perfect Ria was and how blessed he was to have her. He wanted to spend more time with her. If he could have his way, he wanted to spend everyday with her. As time went on and they spent more time together, he knew what he wanted and he knew what he had to do.

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So the next day, he took her out for a date. As they sat there eating their food. Veer was still hungry and Ria offered him her food. Later, Veer realised that Ria had done that even though she was still hungry. He was just taken aback by this kind of love that this girl was ready to give.  Because you know food is life and if you’re willing to give up food for someone, you really must like them.

Veer knew in that moment that love is present in the little things and that he would do anything to make it work with Ria.

From that day, he made every effort to love and appreciate her. Their relationship was fun and filled with the kind of love you only see in films. They balanced each other out and they stayed together over the years through every up and down!

Ria and Veer were different in so many ways. But they both knew that they worked well together. They spent time together but gave each other space. They made each other feel special everyday and they really understood each other. Many relationships lack that but both Ria and Veer made sure that their relationship was working.

Moral of the story: Love can happen at anytime with anyone. But when you find that love, don’t let it go and do whatever it takes to hold on. Because in a world filled with so much hate, finding love can be difficult, so when you do, appreciate it and work at it like Ria and Veer.

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