I’m not lucky

Many times when I get my grades or get a job, people will say to me you’re so lucky. They’ll say stuff like I worked hard too and didn’t get that grade or I applied to so many jobs and didn’t get anywhere.

And I just think one thing when someone says that to me:


You see when we say someone is lucky to have something we don’t realise the amount of hard work they have put in, to get that job or grade or car.

To get high grades, I have done so many all nighters or long library sessions so when someone says I am lucky, I just think Daymmm you don’t know how much hard work I put into this.

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Even for my placement year, when I got a placement a lot of people said you’re so lucky. They don’t know that I applied to over 100 jobs, I did several interviews and the amount of times I woke up at 3am to get to assessment centres.

The reality is when someone does well in something, we fail to see their hard work. We just think it was handed to them. But, we need to start remembering that they might have actually manage to achieve that through their effort.

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Next time, you find yourself thinking why does that person manage to get that thing and I didn’t, then maybe look at their work. See what they do and learn from it. By learning from others you grow and develop.

Once you have put in the same amount of work and effort and then you still don’t get something then, you can call that person luck. But before you have adopted their work ethic, don’t think it came to them easy.


GOOD LUCK with anything you guys are trying to achieve. Remember, hard work is the key to success not luck.

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7 thoughts on “I’m not lucky

  1. Yes it’s the harsh reality that no one realises how hard one worked to achieve something. You are right that if luck is everything lucky people should stay in their houses and have everything thin to their doorstep.
    Anyways Allah knows the best.

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  2. I don’t think you really have a grasp on the meaning of luck. Luck is usually something that happens that is out of our control.
    For instance I have good luck and bad luck.
    My bad luck comes in the form of unexpected medical conditions that pop up unexpectedly . On the other hand I have good luck in that I have been able to pick up new fields of expertise with out a day of school . It comes rather natural for me. I am not good at everything but I have acquired a lot of new trades by simply jumping right in and reading where nessesary or watch some youtube videos. You would be surprised how much you can learn on youtube.
    Sorry I think college is over rated. The expense and all, You want to be lucky think for yourself and stop being a sheep of people who simply feel as though College will bring them luck. Now your paying for luck.
    Besides luck is more about paying less and getting more not the other way around.

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    1. I get what you mean.
      But I’m trying to say that a lot of people tend to look at people who’re doing well or have things and say they’re lucky without actually realising the amount of work that might have gone in.
      Yeah im lucky to have a lot of things but a lot of the others things I’ve actually worked hard for but people don’t see that and think we got it by luck 🙈


  3. Let me give you an alternative outlook. on luck. Human nature is rather complicated. And why is that? From the time of your conception through your childhood , and into your adulthood you are influenced by both Genetic and environmental influences.

    There are many things that either motivate us or demotivate us.
    You would be surprised to find out that some of the most successful highly motivated people are actually motivated for the wrong reason. Sad to say in this modern world climbing the ladder of success often involves stepping on some heads. some people are often motivated by a general sense of low self esteem. those are the kind that tend to step on heads on their way up the ladder.

    Another thing is that we look to these people with awe and think they are lucky. As it stands low self esteem is a prime motivator in this world. People with weak egos will do anything to get ahead. The richest one percent for the most part have nothing short of contempt for the lower class. I am not saying every one who is a success is that way. But I find by and large the more successful a person becomes the more likely they will look down on those less fortunate.

    That leads to the luck story. Not every one achieves greatness. There has to be a majority of middle class and poor. If we are successful we tend to assume that if we can do it so can others. but human nature being what it is, is that really true?
    We are not all born equal. Some are born to succeed and others are born to fail. It is a fact of life. We do not know enough about our genetics or how the brain works to really figure it out. There are a plethora of theories as to why some are successful and others are not.

    You mention hard work. and many decades ago employers rewarded hard work.
    Not so much today. This issue gets so complicated that at the moment like the article says all we can do is be lucky or not.

    Even hard work is not always needed to become successful. For some it is all about being at the right time at the right place. How many. people try and start a business and only a few succeed . How many have become billionaires over night simple by having a good idea. Hard work does not guarentee success nor is it necessary to work hard to be successful.

    Then there is an impending modern ( I say modern because it has never been worse) disease called depression. Experts like to say that 1 in 4 suffer from some form of depression.
    In my opinopn much of the mental illness that exists is because of all that high in sugar processed food we eat.

    Also success can end in failure just because there is a shift in the economy.
    Given all these variables nothing is a guarantee no mater how hard you work . That is why I say luck is ultimately unpredictable. You cannot work hard for luck. Luck is illusive. You either have it or you don’t and it can always change.

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    1. You make some extremely interesting points.
      It’s true that not everyone has the same opportunities and not everyone can achieve greatness just because of the way society is set up which is disheartening.

      But I still believe that hard work will be paid off. It might not make me a billionaire but it will definitely help me grow on my own ladder of success.
      Because everyone has a different definition of success.

      My point on luck is that yeah either you have it or you don’t. But when we see successful people or people have something we don’t, rhat doesn’t naturally mean they’re lucky.


  4. Yes I really like your last reply. It makes some good points. What ever your view of hard work is a good thing. That of course too determines if you love what you do. If you love what you do others will call it hard work and you will call it fun. Although in many cases even if I love what I do sometimes I hit a big problem and I just need to do some good old hard work. Besides money there comes great satisfaction when your hard work pays off.
    Yes success means different things to different people. To me success is when I am good at what I enjoy doing and make enough money to cover expenses.and have some left over.

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    1. Yeah that’s so true and I think it’s important to remember that even if you’re doing something you love, you will feel like some days are harder than others and that’s fine!

      It’s important to define your success from the start/


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