Love story Sunday #11

I am back with another love story and you all better be excited. Because they take me a looonnnggg time to write haha 😀

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This is the story of Hannah. Hannah was a quirky, crazy kind of happy girl. She knew what she wanted from life and she was ready to get it. I guess she grew up watching too many Rom-coms because she believed in the fairytale kind of love. Where boy meets girls and they fall in love, and live happily ever after.

But life always has different plans.

One day Hannah was coming back from the library when the classic Bollywood moment happened, she bumped into a guy and dropped all her books. He picked up her books and she said thanks and they both went their way… (Its not actually a film that they would fall in love).

But from a little distance away, there was a guy looking over and laughing at the whole thing. Hannah saw him and got embarrassed and quickly walked off.

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A few hours later, she was in the University cafe when she heard that same laugh, she turned around to see the same guy. He was being loud and telling his group of friends a story. Hannah quickly turned back around because she didn’t want him to see her.

But, as fate would have it, he did see her. He slowly started walking towards her table and Hannah started blushing a little, she didn’t even know why.  He confidently came over to the table and said “Hi, My name is Zach! I saw you earlier, didn’t mean to laugh but it was just funny. I hope you’re not upset.”

Hannah thought to herself, he’s not that bad of a guy. She replied “I’m Hannah. And don’t worry about that, I guess I would have laughed too.”

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Zach introduced himself to all of Hannah’s friends, they had a little convo and then Zach walked back to his table. Hannah thought he was cute, well there was something about him that she liked. She wasn’t really sure what it was.

Since that day, she would see him everywhere. They would both say hi and go about their daily lives. Until the the short hi’s turned into long conversations. Hannah realised Zach was a little annoying but she liked it and he brought out a side to her, she didn’t even know she had. He made her all fiery (which she wasn’t sure was a good thing or  not, but when you like someone you really don’t look at the bad side).

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They had these conversations and a little bit of flirting nearly everyday, if it wasn’t face to face then they would text. Months passed but nothing other than this happened and Hannah wondered whether there was even something there or not…

Until one day, Zach asked Hannah on a date. It was perfect! That’s what Hannah had wanted for a while. They laughed, they joked, Zach was his own annoying self and Hannah got a little angry but it was all just fun.

Zach and Hannah spent more alone time together and got to know each other better. But the more time they spent together the more angry Hannah got with how annoying Zach was. Zach was using his annoying habits as a way to protect himself from his insecurities. Somehow, the cutesy flirting and fun turned into daily stupid arguments. It was like Zach couldn’t do anything right and Hannah would just not be happy with what was happening.

One day, they decided to call it off. You could see it hurt both Hannah and Zach to do that. Hannah found it difficult to get over Zacch but she knew it wasn’t the right time and he wasn’t the person she was supposed to be with.



Moral of the story: Sometimes, we meet people who seem perfect for us. Truly, they could be if we had met them at a different time. But when you realise they are not the right person, no matter how hard it is, you have to let them go. It can seem like a good idea to change the person or wait for them, but you just have to move on. So you can find someone that is perfect for you and they can find someone perfect for them.

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