I have never been a fan of goodbyes. But, I guess no one is. Some people look forward to the change, others dread it. I love change and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead, but what I hate is that you have to leave people and places behind.

I have never been good at that. I remember when I finished secondary school and college, I bawled like a baby.

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Now its nearly time for me to leave University. A place I spent 4 years in, well technically 3 and honestly, I feel so sad. Cause I know I will never see most of the amazing people I met ever again, even if we promise to make the effort. I am sad because I am leaving behind a place that I truly fell in love with.

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I know it is 2 months before I officially leave but every time I think about it, my stomach kind of turns and I get a little teary (damn Nabeeda! why do you have to be sensitive?)

There are so many things I love about University and so many that I hate. But, now every time I think about leaving University I just think of the good things and times.


I know amazing opportunities lie ahead of me and the people that matter will always stay in touch. But, its the little things you miss: randomly bumping into people you know everyday, having long conversations about the weirdest things during revision sessions, attending events that you didn’t even know existed, dressing up for no reason, wearing PJs in public and honestly just being able to not be an adult 24/7.

At this point, all I want to say to all my readers is to enjoy every moment of every day, no matter what it is that you are doing. Because, things change so soon and you start new adventures all the time.


To anyone from University reading this: I love you all, I hope we stay in touch over the years to come. Life will change and I promise to make an effort if you do as well.

There is a quote that fits this situation perfectly:

“I believe days go slow but years go fast!”


Please excuse me, as I go and bury my head in books to revise for my final exams and submissions.

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6 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. I can heartily feel your feelings, but trust me true friends never apart and you can see still l have friends with me from my college life. Even some lecturars are constantly in touch in last 35 years so move on chin up you will be fine 😘

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