Love story Sunday #6

She loved me from the moment I came into this world. She loved me at my best but anyone can do that. But, she loved me at my worst. She loved me even when I hurt her and even when I left her to live my life.

She loved me when I cried and when I laughed. She loved me through my pain and supported me through the dark. She lived a life through me, it was as if she was young again. She taught me how to walk and talk and how to be myself. Most importantly, she taught me how to love so selflessly.

She created a life that was all about me. She gave me all the things I wished for and more. My pain kept her awake at night and my tears made her cry too. She recognised my needs before I even had a chance.

Credit: Google Images

This is a special kind of love. The kind of love only one person can give and that person is your mother.

Honestly, if I wrote about anything other than a Mother’s love on this Love story Sunday then I would be worst person. Why? Because there are so many loves out there in the world, but no love can ever compare to the love a mother has. We all have our own stories of when our mums looked after us and cared for us.

img_0426.jpgBut today, we need to celebrate those stories and our mothers. Send them a message, a card, some flowers. Whatever it is that they like and make them realise how much you love them. Because life without mum would not be life (not for me anyway).

A special message for my mum: I love you so much and you have made me the amazing person I am (I know I just complimented myself but you know I am amazing haha :D)

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