Love Story Sunday #5

I am going to start this story off with a quote:

A bond between a girl and her friends is a powerful thing. With all the emphasis we place on finding the right guy, I think too many of us lose sight of one of the greatest love stories we’ll experience in life: the one with our friends.

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It was Tara’s wedding day. As she was getting ready, she thought about how she met her soulmate. So many memories flashed past as she remembered all the stupid and crazy thing they had done. Tara was so thankful for the day they met. She still remembered the day like it was yesterday.




Tara had just started in her new secondary school. She was worried whether she would make new friends. She had always struggled with that, finding the right people. But as she had stepped into the school, she knew she had to be positive. The first day in that place she had felt so alone and lost. But that all changed on the Friday of her first week in that school. As Tara was going for the winning goal in her PE class, a girl tackled her to the ground, got the ball and ran off. Tara was in a lot of pain and someone put their hand out and offered to help her up. This was the first time Tara saw Aleena.

Aleena put her hand out and helped Tara up. She took her to the school nurse and made sure she was okay. That lunchtime she noticed that Tara was sitting alone and she went up to her and they started talking.

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Tara knew right then that they would be good friends. They both loved the same music, books and TV shows. It was crazy how alike they were. Tara was right. Soon they started hanging out everyday and time in secondary school flew. When they went to different colleges, Tara was worried they would lose touch but they stayed by each others side.

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When they went to Universities in different countries, Aleena was worried that this would be the end but no distance was too much for them.

When Tara’s parents passed away and she closed off, they thought this was the end of the friendship. But, Aleena made Tara a part of her family and their friendship grew even stronger.


Tara thought about how they had stayed friends through college and University. She remembered how Aleena was there for her when she didn’t pass her A Levels, when she hated the University she went to, when her parents passed away in a car accident and Aleena was the one who found the guy Tara was getting married to. Aleena was her soulmate, the one who was there for her through thick and thin. Today, it had been 13 years since they became friends and their friendship was still as strong.

Aleena walked into the room and saw Tara with tears in her eyes. Aleena hated seeing Tara upset. She knew that Tara was missing her parents so she gave Tara a hug and said “Tara, you are my best friend, my soul mate, my sister and literally my family. Today is the happiest day of your life and I am so happy for you. I wish and hope that you get all the happiness in the world. ” Then they both cried whCredit: Google Imagesile hugging.

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Tara was moving to Canada after her wedding but both of them knew no distance was too far for friendship as great as this and love that encircled their relationship.

Moral of the story: Not all love stories are about couples. The relationship you have with your friends is one of the greatest ones. Cherish, appreciate and value them because without them, life would be a little darker and your smile wouldn’t be as wide.


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2 thoughts on “Love Story Sunday #5

  1. Very true l have ine friend from college now it’s 35 years even sometimes we are out of contact for year or so but still we are soulmates living thousands of miles away we feel each others pain and happiness without sharing

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