Love story Sunday #4 continued

Cameron and Zara were just starting their long distance relationship journey. Both knew that they would do anything to make it work. Phone calls, facetime, messages and letters. Anything and everything to stay connected.

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In the first month away, Zara would call Cameron everyday. She would send good night messages and write long letters and cards. She was loving it all. She could see that Cameron was happy too as he messaged and called everyday. It felt like they were together, even though they were thousands of miles away from each other.

But, as time passed Zara started getting busier and busier with her new job, new friends and most importantly, the new city. She was always busy doing something new and exciting… Cameron started feeling left out. He was happy to see her so happy, thats what mattered to him the most. But, the daily calls had turned into weekly calls. The long texts had turned into one word messages. He didn’t know what else to do to stay in touch. He missed her touch and her beautiful laugh that could brighten even the darkest day.

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Zara didn’t know what to do. It was as if they had run out of things to say. When she rang Cameron, the calls were filled with silence and awkwardness. She had a lot to say about the new city and new experiences but she knew that it would make Cameron feel left out. So she just didn’t mention anything. However, this meant she didn’t have anything else to say and the calls were getting shorter and more irregular. It was as if she didn’t know anything about the guy on the other side of the phone. ‘Is that what happens in long distance relationships?’ she thought to herself. She was sad to see what it had come to. She loved Cameron but this just wasn’t working and it had only been 2 months. There were still 4 months left.

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Cameron knew he had to do something. Time felt like it had slowed down and all he wanted was to see Zara. The time difference and the awkward phone calls made it so hard to ever speak to her now. She seemed so distant. Each day felt like a month, each week felt like a year.

It had been a month since Zara had properly spoken to Cameron. What was going on? Maybe that is what happens in long distance relationships. They are a test and her relationship with Cameron was failing. Maybe, they were heading towards the end. Maybe this was the last chapter in their relationship.

3 months, 16 days, and 20 hours since he had last seen her. He kept an account of the days and the months hoping that would help. He rang  Zara that night and they actually spoke for 2 hours. He could hear the distance in her voice, he knew he just wanted to be with her. Maybe that is what she wanted too. She said, she wished he could come and see her. But then she laughed at the idea and started talking about something else. But Cameron knew a part of her really wanted that.

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Zara thought about the conversation she had with Cameron two days. She really did wish he was here. Sydney was amazing and way better than London. She would show him around and take him to all the amazing places but she knew it was unrealistic. She got lost in those thoughts when suddenly the doorbell rang. Zara opened the door and in front of her was…

Cameron just watched as Zara went from being surprised to happy to crying as she realised he was really there. He hugged and held for as long as he could. Taking away the pain for all the months he had missed her. But it was like he had never been away from her. They fit together like puzzle pieces. He knew he had done the right thing by flying out to Sydney and he could see the happiness in Zara’s eyes.

I guess thats what true love makes you do. You can cross the world for the person you love. To see the smile on their face and the love in their eyes.

Zara and Cameron got their happy ending!

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Long distance relationships take a lot of time and effort. But if you really love someone, you can make it work ❤



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