Love story Sunday #2 continued…

This is the second part of Inara and Armaan’s story.

Inara and Armaan had become good friends. But now Armaan had a girlfriend and that kind of changed things up for Inara. She was confused about her feelings and what was going on. Armaan was still the same. He still walked her home and they spoke everyday but every time he mentioned his girlfriend, Inara would just get annoyed. Soon Inara realised what had happened. The friendship had turned into something much more. She liked Armaan and now he had a girlfriend.

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She didn’t know what to do. But she knew she couldn’t tell him or show him. So she started avoided him. She didn’t walk home with him, she didn’t reply to his messages and she just ignored him when she saw him. She thought that was the best way to deal with the situation. Armaan, on the other hand, tried his hardest to speak to her. He messaged her, called her and went to her house but no response.

Armaan didn’t understand why she was acting like that. But what confused him more was, why was he being so persistent in talking to her? Why did he care so much about her? Why did not speaking to her make him feel so alone? All these questions bugged Armaan. Until, he realised he liked Inara and he needed to tell her that. He broke up with his girlfriend and tried to contact Inara but again, there was no response. Armaan tried for weeks but Inara just never responded and soon Armaan gave up!

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Time flew, college finished and both went their own way…

But one day, as Inara was replying to her birthday message on Facebook. She saw a message from Armaan. She opened it. It had been a few years since college and she had moved on but the message reminded her of the past. She replied saying thank you. Soon she got another message back from him asking “how she was and how was life?” They had a conversation and then Armaan asked her: “Tell me honestly, why did you stop talking to me? What did I do?” Inara thought to herself. It had been a few years and Armaan deserved the answer.

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She told him that she liked him and she didn’t think they would work out and didn’t want to tell him. So, she decided to hide her feelings by ignoring him. Just writing all this made Inara think about the good old days of their friendship. The beautiful memories and how much she missed that. But what Armaan said next just shocked Inara. He said: “Inara, you don’t realise how much I liked you. You were so special to me. I spent so much time with you. You brought sunshine into my life and made it brighter. But you never gave me a chance to tell you.”

Inara never thought that could happen. She was lost for words. She knew she didn’t have feelings for him anymore and he didn’t have feelings for her now. But she felt sorry for the young Inara, the Inara who had fallen in love and had her heart broken. The Inara, who wanted nothing more than to end up with her best friend. But it was too late, too much time had passed and they had both gone on their separate paths.

Armaan had moved on too but knowing she had liked him then, made Armaan wish she had told him because in some ways they were perfect for each other. But, time had filled up that space and ended those feelings. All that was left on both sides was regret.

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Moral of the story: If you like someone, then tell them. Because there is nothing worse than regrets over what if? Imagine waking up one day and thinking what if I told that girl I liked her? What if I said I love you to the guy who meant the world to me? Life is too short for what ifs.

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