Love story Sunday #2

One of my favourite film says that “Pyaar dosti hai!” This means that love is friendship. If someone can become a good friend of yours, then you can also fall in love with them too.

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Today’s story is based on that. A love that grew out of friendship ❤

A young girl, let’s call her Inara; full of life and love. Always happy but a little shy. She was a little reserved and stuck to her group of 3 girlfriends. She would walk to college, do her work, hang out with her friends and go back home. Her life was simple and so was she. But life doesn’t always stay simple.

One day at lunch, as she went to chill with her friends, she saw them sitting with a guy. She walked up to them and he introduced himself and said: “My name is Armaan!” Inara introduced herself too and then sat down quietly for the rest of the time. She hated having to meet new people. She never understood why her friends introduced new people to the group ALL THE TIME.

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What made it worse was that Armaan started hanging out with them more and more. Inara hated him more and more. She thought: why was he so cocky? Why did he always have to laugh like that? Why couldn’t he hang out with guys? UGHHHHH! Why did he have to choose her group of friends. She absolutely hated him.

But like they say there is a fine line between love and hate.

Now, Armaan knew that for some reason Inara didn’t like him. So he started making more of an effort with her. He would try and talk to her, bring her food or just try and make her laugh. But nothing ever worked. Until one day, he saw her walking home and just joined her. Walked beside her quietly until she spoke. She said: “What are you doing?” He just said: “I’m walking home with you.” they walked the rest of the way quietly. No questions, no answers.

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Armaan did that everyday for a few weeks. Until one day, Inara actually started talking. She asked him about him and why he hung out with her friends and he asked her about why she disliked him. Soon they both became friends. Despite their differences, they became good friends. Armaan would walk her home everyday and they would talk about everything from politics to personal life and things carried on that way.

Inara’s day wasn’t complete without Armaan anymore. They would talk all day and he would walk her home and then call her. At lunch, they would chill together and laugh at stupid things and just have a great time. They loved each other’s company. Their friendship grew stronger and stronger. They shared everything with each other and Inara felt so secure with him.

Until one day, Armaan introduced the group to his new girlfriend. Something inside Inara hurt. She didn’t know why she wasn’t happy. What was happening? He was her good friend then why was she feeling like this? Inara was all confused. Every time she saw them together, she felt a fire inside her. She wasn’t like that so why was she feeling this.  She just couldn’t understand.

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Do you know why Inara felt that way? Have you ever been in such a situation?

Stay tuned for next week’s update and final part of Inara’s story ❤

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