Last week Zainab was kidnapped, raped and killed.
Do you know how old Zainab was? She was 7 years old. A young girl who had hardly experienced life had to experience one of the most painful things before she left the world. She had to endure a pain that no one should ever have to go through.
But the reality it’s not just about Zainab it’s about hundreds of other young girls who fall prey to this. It’s about the mothers having to be scared for their little girls.
It pains me to think about how Zainab night have felt in her last moments. How alone and lost. A little girl who must have loved and believed in the magic of this world having to go through that.
The biggest problem is that she isn’t the only one. The problem is that is no one is doing anything about it. And the problem is that there are still people out there who blame her and her parents rather than the people who did this.
I feel we have created a society which makes it okay for things like to happen when we truly need to use our voices to tell the perpetrators that this won’t be allowed and they will be punished. We need to tell them that we stand strong with young girls like Zainab and that we won’t let the world forget. We all need to come together to fight those who think Zainab or her parents are to blame because they really don’t need this right now.
So today I ask you to talk to your friends or write a message about this and spread awareness and try to bring the change and justice that little girls like Zainab deserve.
If you can’t do that then at least find it in your heart to pray for Zainab and her family. They need this more than ever. 
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Credit: Google Images
The world needs a change. Women and young girls should be able to feel safe. So raise your voice, use your social platforms and create awareness.

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