Love story Sunday #1

I am so excited as this is the first of many… I always think first times are so exciting, you are always a little scared but also can’t wait to see what will follow.

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This love story is about first relationships:

Imagine a college library with hundreds of students studying away or really just talking to friends and sneakily eating. Naina walks in and goes straight to a computer, she was in a bit of a rush. She needed to print off some notes before a lecture and the computer was taking forever.

Next to her was a boy doing some work, she realised she has that assignment too but the boy was doing the wrong reading for it. She thought to herself ‘should I tell him?’… Naina being Naina, tapped him on the shoulder and explained that he needs to be reading something else. The boy thanked Naina, she printed off her work and went to her lecture.

That’s the end of the story. For Naina. That’s what she thought the end was but that’s where the story started.

You see Kismat (destiny) has a way of playing games and bringing people into your lives. A few weeks later, she was in the library trying to find some books and she bumped into that boy again. The boy thanked Naina once more and introduced himself as Kabir. They started talking and joking around. This started happening everyday, they would bump into each other and start talking more and more. They had the kind of chemistry you can see from a mile off, the kind of sparks that fly everywhere.

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Soon, they started spending time together and really enjoyed each others company. Naina knew something was happening. She felt something inside her change, this was the first time she had felt like this about someone. She knew she enjoyed his company, she loved his jokes, he annoyed her but she knew she liked him.

Then it happened, Bunny asked her whether she had a boyfriend and whether she would be up for going out on the weekend? Naina was a little nervous so she said she’ll let him know. She didn’t want to give it to him so easily. So she waited and after 2 days when she saw him again. She agreed.

On the Saturday, she was soooo nervous, her heart was not in control, this was her first, first date and she didn’t know what to expect or what would happen. She just knew she liked him. She got ready and there was Kabir outside her door waiting for her. As soon as he saw her he said ‘WOW!’ His expression said how he felt. An expression can convey a thousand feelings.

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They went to the cinema and watched a chick flick because Kabir knew that’s what Naina would like. As they walked back laughing and joking. Naina knew this was something special. He walked her home and said goodbye. Within a few days, they were official and this was both their first relationship. Both a little scared, both had a lot to learn but they were so happy. Minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days. Their new relationship flourished.

But I said not all love stories have happy endings…

They soon went on summer break from college and over the break, Naina didn’t hear from Kabir. Kabir didn’t know how to be in a relationship and Naina didn’t know how to look after one. Both a little stubborn, with huge egos, didn’t stay in touch. With no messages exchanged, when they went back to College…

They were complete strangers. Naina wanted to run up to Kabir and just scream and shout at him for being such a bad boyfriend and then just tell him how much she missed him but she didn’t want to seem desperate. Kabir was in the same situation. Both of them felt something but didn’t say ANYTHING.

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They saw each other everyday but they knew that now they were strangers with nothing left to say. Maybe give each other a smile and move on.

That’s life. Not all love stories have a happy ending. Not all love stories become epic sagas but they just stay with us as a lesson learnt.

Moral of this love story: No matter how big your ego, look at the person in front of you. What matters to you? them or your ego? Send that message because some unspoken feelings can cause a lot of pain and heartbreak.

See you all next week for Love story no.2. Also if you know why the characters are named Kabir and Naina then I absolutely love you and appreciate you ❤

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