New year goals

The new year has started and 2018 is here… FINALLY! I think we all had enough of 2017 and needed this change.

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But what are we going to do to make 2018 better? I talked about 2018 being the year of YOU! But how are you going to make that happen? Have you set yourself some goals, some plans that will ensure that 2018 is bigger, better and more amazing?

Here some things you can set yourself goals for:

  • Keeping fit – that doesn’t mean lose weight but just exercise, eat healthy and focus on your body and look after yourself.
  • Educate yourself – You might be a working person but spend a few minutes everyday, learning something new. This could be a TED talk, reading the news or actually attending a class.
  • Aim higher – You are in a great job but could you actually do your work better? Could you change the way you do things? Look at what you do already and aim for higher performance.
  • Staying in touch – You might struggle to stay in touch with people. Set yourself a goal to contact your friends and family a few times a week. This one will do wonders. When you start making the effort, just see the return.

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There are many things you can set goals about so just reflect on 2017 and see what you can improve on…

The first step is setting the goal and the second step is sticking to it. Remember, you might fail one week but the important thing is to keep going.

A missed week doesn’t have to equal to a missed year. 

Let me know what your goals and plans are for 2018… I would love to know<3

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