Tiger Zinda Hai… Review

***DISCLAIMER- this post might contain spoilers so don’t read it, if you haven’t watched the film. Much love to all ❀ ***

Recently, I watched Tiger Zinda hai. The sequel to Ek tha Tiger and I was IMPRESSED! All the Bollywood films I have watched in the last few months have been disappointing but Tiger Zinda hai was refreshing and a film I really enjoyed.

  1. Tiger aka Salman Khan looked GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD. For all the girls out there, this is reason enough to watch the film. JK.
  2. Katrina Kaif gives me goals – Katrina Kaif isn’t just the good looking girl on the side but she actually plays a huge role in accomplishing the mission. She plans, She fights and she kills.. You go girl! Thank you Bollywood for not making her a traditional Bollywood heroine.

    Image result for tiger zinda hai katrina
    Credit: Google Images
  3. Storyline – The storyline is great according to Bollywood standards. You need to remember that this is a film and that is why a lot of these things are possible but hey ho! Its not too bad and it does keep you interested. So no complaints there!
  4. Pakistan and India – I know its only a film but Pakistan and India come together for a mission. No matter how far-fetched the idea might be… I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Two countries with similar people divided by a border so why not bring them together.

    Image result for pakistan and india together
    Credit: Google Images
  5. Acting – The actors do a great job. A special mention to Sajjad Delfrooz for his amazing performance and believable performance as the villain; Abu Usman.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, definitely go check it out ❀

Let me know what you think.


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