Things I learnt from how I met your mother

How I met your mother. Oh, how I love the show and reference it to my friend for pretty much everything on a daily basis. The show is…

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But I feel shows like this teach you a lot about life, relationships, friendships and love. I feel like I learnt a few lessons too. So here goes:

  1. It is all part of a big plan – Ted, one of the main characters goes through so much crap but he always believes that it will all work out. In the end after years and years, it all does work out. It takes a while but big plans take a while to come together.

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  2. You have to be there for the big moments – in life we will all get busy with a bazillion different things but the most important thing is to be there for the big moments in each others life. That’s what counts.

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  3. Nothing good happens after 2am – Ted’s mother used to say that to him and I honestly believe that. It is the worst time to make an decisions or do anything big so don’t do it.
  4. You can have it all – we can see through Lily that you can be a mother, a wife and be successful in your career. A little compromise and a little sacrifice but you can make it happen.

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  5. Hard work does pay off – sometimes we can feel tired of hard work but Robin and Marshall show us that if you work hard and stay committed you will get the rewards you deserve. Thank you Judge fudge.

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  6. Relationships are hard work – when I watch HIMYM, Marshall and Lily give me couple goals. But what we need to remember is the amount of hard work they put into their relationship. They are there for each other through all the troubles and trials of life. Perfect relationship!

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  7. Life can’t be planned – we all have ideas in our head of what we want our lives to look like. But, it won’t always goes to plan and that is okay. Just go along with the flow of life.

How I met your Mother taught me soooo many other things that I could write forever and ever.

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I just recommend watching the show and telling me your highlights and what you learnt.

P.S true HIMYM fans will know why I chose that header image 😉

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