Why relationships fail?

I don’t know why I think I’m suitable to talk about this but I will anyway haha 😂
So I was watching a video on YouTube while avoiding my never ending coursework because that’s pretty much what uni life is about… procrastinating and watching YouTube videos.
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Anyways so the video was about a couple breaking up and their friend talks to them to figure out what went wrong and here’s what he said and the part I find really interesting.
He said relationships break down because we never communicate what we expect from a relationship. We go into relationships with our own expectations and expect the other person to fulfil them even though we haven’t told them what we want… what happens next? Relationships break down because you’re not happy they didn’t do what you expected.
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What you need to do is communicate and tell the other person what you want. This doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships but friends and family too. Telling people what you want gives them the chance to actually be able to give you what you want. You can find out what they want too.
How does it work? Simple. Sit down with your friend/family/any other relative and speak to them. Tell them what you want and ask them what they expect. For e.g. some people like presents and gifts as expression of love whereas other see time as more precious. Find out what is important to them and shoe them love in their way.
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Communication is the key to any relationships. Next time, you are get in an argument think about what the real issue is and then talk about… The problem is more than likely to be solved.
If you have any other tips let me know and I will share them with the readers.

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5 thoughts on “Why relationships fail?

  1. Yes i agree communication is the most important thing. However there are so many other very important factors to consider that affect communication. One very profound factor is self image. People who have low self esteem tend to not know, not only what their needs are in life but tend to look to others to decide what their needs are supposed to be. Men more than women have serious insecurities about their so called manhood. Many men spend almost their entire lives trying to “be more of a man” The biggest myth about manhood is that manhood represents all that is masculine and not feminine. The problem is there are completely arbitrary rules assigned to men verses women. Like women are more emotional and sensitive while a man is tough and logical. As a result men are not in touch with their feelings at least around women.
    One of the most fascinating things i have observed was .watching the behavior of men in a bar or pub depending where you live. In a bar it becomes obvious that men need to become somewhat inebriated in order for them to ” let loose” their feelings.I have seen men cry at bars or express deep emotions. Then the next day they are their ” manly selves again ” and will blame their behavior on the alcohol. What men don’t realize is that human emotions are not segregated to certain emotions for women and certain emotions for men. Human emotions are just that, emotions. I have personally found that the real depth of communications comes from deep feelings. You can talk about anything. The time of day. the weather, what you did at work, and a host of things but it still boils down to your feelings. Communicating feelings is what makes intimacy grow.
    But in all fairness to men, i have heard men complain that if they share their feelings with a women then they become vulnerable.They complain that women although they might claim to want this intimacy will more than likely see this as a weakness. These women like men have their own insecurities.
    Another thing i have found consistently with my relationship with women is that every time i delve into their past . into their childhood. How they got along with their parents or if they were abused by one or more parents I find consistently women who were abused either physically or verbally or both invariably seek men who are abusive or in rare cases these women seek vulnerable men they can abuse.These relationships are what the experts label as codependent relationships. Depending where you live, in some areas this is more common then other areas.
    A good relationship can only exist between two mentally healthy people who have a good sense of self worth who expect to be treated well not abusively.
    Two adults who where raised in a nurturing environment will nurture each other.
    Adults of abusive or non nurturing environments as children don’t know what love is or how to give it.

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