Storytime Sunday: Mobile phones

We are in the 21st century and we all have a phone… If you don’t have a phone, everyone asks: how are you even living? Seriously though, how are you surviving?

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Nearly a year ago, my phone was stolen and honestly it was a horrific experience.  For the first few days I felt so lost and alone. But soon I realised that being detached from the world and social media was actually quite calming. I had a week without internet, social media and constant messages. I wasn’t worried about replying to texts, or checking my Facebook. I was just enjoying the things around me and spoke to strangers because I wasn’t stuck staring at a screen.


But, when I got my phone again. I was doing the same thing. I became attached to my phone. Anyone who knows me knows that i will respond to a message within the first 5 minute of receiving it. Why? Because I am always on my phone. It comes naturally to me to just have my phone in my hand or just constantly look at it. That is a problem.


Because as we get stuck to our screens, we miss out on our surroundings. We don’t enjoy the jokes that our friend just told us. We don’t appreciate the time we spend with our loved ones. We are so busy living in the virtual reality that we forget that we are also part of a real world. A world where we have friends who do get hurt when we look at our messages as they are telling us some important news. A world where we have a family who wants to have one family meal without interruptions from your phone. A world where people actually want you to focus on what they’re saying rather than pretending to listen as you check your Instagram.

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So lets start putting our phones down. Lets start focusing on whats around us. Listen to what our friends have to say. Challenge yourself to go without your phone for an hour or a day and see the difference. Life is not just in that screen. Life starts when you look away from that screen.


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3 thoughts on “Storytime Sunday: Mobile phones

  1. Technology reduces the long distances but increased distance between near and dear ones said but true you are right Nabeeda we should decide to spend a day without mobile once a week 😘

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