As I opened my outlook and saw an email from the company I had applied to a few weeks back, I was excited. Was I offered an interview or some tests I needed to do. However, as I opened the email, it said: “Unfortunately,…”. I didn’t even need to read further because I knew what what it said already. I had been rejected!

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The reality is I have had rejections before but every rejection causes a little pain. Every rejection makes you wonder whether you are good enough. It makes you think what is it that I am missing? Every rejection is a knock on your self esteem and confidence. It makes you question yourself.

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But rejection is good. WHY?

Because rejection makes you strive harder for the next opportunity. Rejection doesn’t mean you are not good enough, it just means you are not right for the company, person or place. That is fine because rejection hurts us and makes us feel bad but it would be worse to be stuck in a job that you are not suitable for.

Take every rejection as a lesson to learn and develop from. Work on that skill or that software that you struggle with. Make sure the next time you apply, you have done something extra that you hadn’t before. Life is all about adapting to your situations, so use every rejection as a way to change and adapt.

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In life, you will face many rejections. The important part is how you react to them. Do you stay down or do you get back up and try again?

As I go towards my graduation and graduate schemes, I have to remember that I will get many rejections but that is part of the process. I just need to keep working till I get what I want. Work hard and have faith, eventually you will get what you worked for.

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