A few days back, my mum was reading one of my Story time Sundays and she said “Nabeeda, why did you say Pakistanis are always late? It makes us look bad.” and I thought about it and realised that I am always talking about Pakistan in a negative manner. When in reality Pakistan is and will always been a pretty damn awesome country.

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So, this post is for my mum but all you other readers can stay too and learn about why I am proud to be Pakistani.

I went to Pakistan a few years back and Pakistan is the kind of place that when you’re going you’re just like I don’t want to go because honestly I didn’t want to go… But on the way back, I didn’t want to come back. I wished I could stay there longer. WHY?

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Because people in Pakistan shower you with soooo much love. I remember visiting so many people and quite a few people I didn’t even remember but they remembered me and they were so happy to see me. They made all kinds of food (you have to love a place where food is involved) and looked after me so well. It was like being heaven surrounded by all the Biryani, Samosas and curries.


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But honestly, its not even about the food because my mum can make that in England. Its about the love. People in Pakistan have some other level of love. Of course, there are bad people, there always are, but the good people make your heart melt. My favourite story is from my sister’s wedding in Pakistan.

Now, in Pakistan it is normal to have people work for you in the house and we had this one lady work for us. I called her Fatima aunty, she was the sweetest woman and I had known her forever. During the wedding days, she used to sleep in my room because the house was packed and there was never any space. One night I was particularly sad because my sister was going away and I felt lonely. Somehow, she knew I was really sad and she spent the night telling me stories until I fell asleep . She didn’t have to do that, I mean she had to be up early the next morning to work but she didn’t care. In that moment, I realised being Pakistani is about giving unconditional love, its about being selfless and treating everyone like family.

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No matter how many jokes I make about being Pakistani, it will always be a huge part of me. What people need to remember is that.. every race, religion and country will have bad people but that doesn’t mean they are all bad. You can’t paint everyone with the same brush.

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14 thoughts on “Pakistan

  1. True we all have good and bad nice and worse people but all are human being so love all and respect everyone as everyone has their own issues.
    Well done keep it up

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  2. i was born and brought up in Pakistan. I had the same perception about the country while i was studying here that there aint any opportunities to excel and do whatever you want. It changed the other way round when i left my country and started working in Malaysia. There is a hidden bond within you for your homeland just like one has for the family.
    Proud to be a loving Pakistani:)

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  3. Why we don’t like Pakistan is because we are always hearing negative news from the media and if we stop that and start viewing Pakistan from our own eyes we will see it much beautiful. Pakistan has all four seasons , moderate weather and you can even buy food here for 50 RS . Everything here is cheap. So what else do we want ?

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