Crisis at our doorstep

Disclaimer: this post won’t be my normal cheery post so I apologise for that but this is an important post!


I feel like everyday I wake up to something new that has happened and it gets covered on the news for 1 minute and later it is all forgotten. We go on with our daily lives and whatever it is that we are doing that day not even considering how unacceptable some of these things are.

Here are list of things that have happened that we should be raising our voices against:

  • Rohingya crisis – Hundreds and thousands of people have been killed which includes children. Women are being raped and people are being thrown out of their own homes for no fault of their own.
  • Syria – The Syrian crisis continues with thousands of people being killed and no report of it on the news. Innocent people are losing their lives and no one is even trying to save them.
  • Crimes against POC – crimes against POC are on the rise and again the media doesn’t report it. WHY? because it isn’t important news but really we need to open our eyes and see reality.

These are only some of the issues that are happening round the world, if I mentioned each one I could be writing for weeks and weeks because that is how much stuff is going and how much stuff that is unreported.

When will we take a stand? When it happens to someone close to us or in our area or city? We need to do our own research and stay away from these subjective media channels. I believe if every citizen came together to stand up against these issues we would have a better world for the next generation.

Image result for people coming together
Credit: Google Images

You can donate to these causes.

You can write to your local MPs to get them to bring up these issues in parliament.

Most importantly you can show some love to all the people around you. Change begins at home so do your research and see what we are not being shown.

Image result for love begins at home
Credit: Google Images

This isn’t my usual post but I hope you read and understand and share with your friends. Do me a favour, research at least one of the things I mentioned above and see how you can make a difference to the crisis.



One thought on “Crisis at our doorstep

  1. Impressive 😭 you are if we all do one thing to raise these issues to open the eyes specially ISLAMIC countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE it helps a lot keep up your good work

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