Decorating your uni room

So I recently moved into University accommodation for my final year… WOOHOO! I am actually very excited as I have been away from Uni for a whole year so this would be my chance to see everyone again and catch up with friends and finally graduate. Oh how excited I am?

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But the first task I needed to do as soon as I moved to Uni was to unpack, clean and decorate my room. I think the more you personalise your room, the more comfortable you feel.

Here are some before shots of my room (not a pretty sight):

So what did I do to make my room look good . Well here are the hints and tips:

  1. Get posters: I love buying posters. Find out what you love; this could be your favourite TV shows, band or just some inspirational quotes. You can get cheap posters from your University poster sales or you can buy them on allposters website.
  2. Pictures: Have pictures of your friends and family to make you feel more at home. We all have days when we miss home and these pictures bring us that little bit closer to them.
  3. Desk accessories: Most University accommodations have a desk of some sort so it is nice to jazz that up. Gets some desk accessories that you like and add a bit more life in your room.
  4. Fairy lights: I absolutely adore fairy lights. They make the room a little more cosy and pretty. If that is the kind of look you are going for then definitely get some. There are so many thing you can do with them too. So buy some fairy lights and get creative.
  5. Have a year planner: Get a full year planner and stick it up and put in all the main events in the year. It makes the room look nicer and you also become a little more organised.
  6. Don’t make your bed first. When unpacking and decorating your room, leave your bed till last otherwise you will end up in bed and your room will never been clean (I speak from experience).

But the most important part of decorating your room is that it should represent you. Make it a comfortable space so you can take a break from the crazy life of University.

Here are some pictures of my decorated room

To see a video you can go to my Facebook page: worldofnabeeda

Let me know what you think of it 🙂

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