Story time Sunday: I sat on the bull

If you have ever been to Birmingham, UK you must have come across this bull:

Image result for birmingham bull
Credit: Google Images

As soon as I moved to University, the first thing I wanted to do was sit on this bull. I would plan it with my friends and we would always talk about it and it never happened in first year. Come second year, I was even more determined. I wanted to sit on that bull and I realised that planning it wasn’t the answer and it would have to be spontaneous.

So, after a year and a half of being at Aston, this happened:


It took me a while but I am Pakistani and we are always late so yeah HAHA 😀

I remember that night we were in the library and I said to my friend let’s go and sit on the bull and we just got up and went to the city centre at 11PM to sit on the bull. Now, the thing is I never realised how hard it is to get on the bull because I always assumed it was smaller than it is. TRUST ME.. it is not.

So I was just standing there struggling to get on and about to give up. When, a homeless man came and helped me up without me even asking and walked off without asking for anything from me. But he looked so happy that he managed to help someone get to where they want.

That night I was so happy because I had managed to sit on the bull. But I also learnt something: you should always help people even if you won’t get anything in return and secondly, you can’t do everything alone.

Team work makes the dream work!

Multiracial Group of People Jumping at Beach, Backlight
Credit: Google Images

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