You are not important!

Many of my posts talk about the idea of self love and understanding that you are special and you should always believe that.

But, if you read my posts then that means you speak pretty good English and for that I want to tell you that just because speak English doesn’t make you important.

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Credit: Google Images

Why am I saying this? What do I mean? What is wrong with me?

It is like I can hear your questions through the screen HAHA 😀

Recently I met a friend in Spain who is Spanish (no surprise there!) but as I don’t speak Spanish we communicate in English and she has recently been learning so she struggles a little. This time round she said to me “Nabeeda, I am so sorry. My English is very bad and you have to correct me and work hard to understand me.”

I said “You should never be sorry! We are in Spain and I should be embarrassed and sorry because I am not speaking your language. You should be proud of yourself for being able to speak a different language.”

At that moment, I realised how much importance people have given to English and people who speak English feel they are important or special just because of that. But what we forget is that we live in a world filled with billions of people, thousands of cultures and so many languages. English really isn’t that special and we should make every effort to learn and communicate in other languages.

When travelling we should use the language even if it is for simple things like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ because it really makes a difference.

Note to self: keep learning Spanish.

I am sorry if this post seems like a rant but some things need to be said and reiterated.

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On a side note: Google never disappoints me. I was supposed to type in peace out memes and typed in peace pout by mistake and this came up HAHA 😀

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