Story time Sunday: Skydive

It’s my first story time Sunday so I am super excited and I will tell you about one of my favourite memories.

So two summers ago I took on the challenge of a lifetime according to me because I am so scared of heights so it was like scariest thing ever. My mum was surprised I even signed up.

Image result for mama I did it meme
Literally my face when I managed to survive the Skydive. (Google)

I did the Skydive for charity so the prep for it began months ago as I pestered all my friends and family for money but I guess the reality of it all still hadn’t dawned. But guess what? D-day was coming and it was coming fast.

22nd August 2015 – D-day

Image result for scared face
My face on the day and pretty much the whole week before the dive. Credit: Google Images

The day arrived and my parents drove me to P-town where I had booked in for this stupidity. My parents, my sister, brother-in-law, my nephew, my best friend and her family all came to witness me jump to my death HAHA 😀

Spoiler: I don’t die!

Anyways, so I was booked for the last plane on the day so there I am in this place watching everyone dive and I just wanted to run away and cry. What did I actually do? I literally said nothing pretty much the whole day. That is a big deal for me. I LOVE TALKING! I talk all the time so when I am not talking at all something is up and in this case I was going to go up and then going freefall.

Everyone around me is trying to cheer me up and talk to me and and I am just like giving one word answers. I feel like that day my family would have had a better time talking to a newborn baby who can’t say a word.

But the painful ordeal finally ended as I was taken on the plane and now the wait was over and this was happening. SHIT! I was going up to 13,000ft and going to jump from there… DAMN. At this point, I want to thank my instructor because he was like telling me all these facts about P-town and all I was thinking was these might be the last words I hear but he was just there being all nice and comforting me.

The next thing, I was sitting at the edge of the plane ready to jump.

I know in my heart that I wouldn’t have been able to make that jump if it wasn’t for charity. My head and heart knew that it was for a cause I cared about and if I backed down then I would be letting people down so I had to do it… It was like having 50 cheerleaders in the plane encouraging me to make that jump and then it happened.

A piece of advice for anyone skydiving: KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN DURING THE FREEFALL.

It is a scary few seconds as you freefall but it is an amazing moment to keep your eyes open in because it is so beautiful. I can’t even put it in words and even now when I think back to the skydive that picture comes to my head.

The weird thing is that it is all very scary but it is over in a few minutes and you think why was I even scared… The freefall, the parachute ride down to ground are all amazing experiences and I know if I was to do it again I would be scared in the same way but I would still do it again. It is such a valuable experience.

The fall makes you feel so light like you have finally let it all go.

Image result for let it go
Credit: Google Images

It is an amazing memory and I feel so proud of myself that I have done that. I am still scared of heights… you will see me looking for a hand to hold as I get to the edge of a tall building because I just am not about that life.

But I will say Skydiving was the best experience of my life and I would recommend everyone to do it because it might be scary but you will love every second of it.

Moral of the story: try and conquer your fears because in the process you will make memories of a lifetime.


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