The lost art

Now, I am not an artist and neither am I good at understanding art. Every now and then I will purchase a piece of art from a local artist that I feel connects with me.

But, there is an art form I absolutely love and I feel is slowly being lost as we move more and more towards technology. And that is….

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I can already hear a lot of brains switching off and a lot of people clicking off to a different website as they think what? Letter writing is not an art.

But what you don’t realise is that a beautifully written letter can do things that no money or gifts can do. When I receive a handwritten letter I just smile from ear to ear and really appreciate the effort. The thought that someone sat down and thought about only me as they were writing that just makes me feel amazing and makes me sound a little self centred HAHA 😀

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Me, when I receive a handwritten letter.  Credit; Google Images

I guess this love I get from my dad. He has always written detailed birthday cards and letters to me and they have made me appreciate the pleasure I get from reading a letter. The joy it brings me and I feel as we have moved to texts and Facebook, we have forgotten to express ourselves and tell people what really matter to us.

Many of my friends and family have received letters from me because I feel sometimes it is easier to communicate some things when they are written. Some love yous and goodbyes can be easily conveyed on paper while listening to your favourite songs. Every time I have written a  letter, it has given me so much happiness to just say whatever I want but what I really love is the smile on the face of my friends or family when they receive it. That smile makes me want to keep writing letters.

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I feel everyone reading this should write at least one letter and send it to someone they love or care about and just see the joys it brings the receiver. If you don’t know who to write one to then use this website: moreloveletters to send a letter to someone who really needs one.

Let me know if you get a response 😉


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7 thoughts on “The lost art

  1. Letter writing is a lost art especially with technology changes over the last 10 years. I can’t remember the last time I received a letter but I do remember the joy I felt opening the letter and reading it. Most of all I can remember thinking no matter who got there hands on it they wouldn’t truly understand how it made me feel. Because it was written just for me. Thanks for sharing this it brought back memories!

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