Ramadan diaries

First of all I would like to say Ramadan Mubarak. I know it is late but I am Asian and we are pretty much late for everything so this is not bad haha πŸ˜€

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If there is anyone wondering what Ramadan is. Well Ramadan is a special month for Muslims in which we fast in the daylight hours. We are not allowed to eat or drink (I know not even drink water). But we believe that Allah gives the strength and patience to get through his month. It is also an opportunity to understand the suffering of people who never have any food and still smile and pray. This month is an opportunity for Muslims around the world to come together and go on a spiritual journey and improve themselves.

Magic of Ramadan

Now this is my first Ramadan that I will be doing away from my family in a different country and I hope the only Ramadan I spend away from them. Because Ramadan isn’t just about fasting but about families coming together and actually sitting down and having meals together which might not have been possible before. Ramadan is a magical month and one that is even more special when spent with family.

But as I will be doing Ramadan alone, I will blog about my month. What was special? what I did to make the most of this month and include some tips for what you can do? This is a great month and we should try to get the most out of it….

So keep your eyes open for more updates ❀

Stay blessed!

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5 thoughts on “Ramadan diaries

  1. Thank you for this post! I will check out your other posts soon. I am converting to Islam as my family is mostly from Eastern Europe and fiancΓ©e is Muslim from Bosnia. So much hate against Muslims out there. Not many people to talk to about this. Thanks again!

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