8th June

8th June. It is just a date like any other. So why am I writing about it?

Well the reality is that it is not just a date but a chance to bring change. 8th June is the day of the UK General elections and currently around 2.4 million people are not registered to vote.

What people don’t realise is that voting isn’t just a right but a responsibility you have as a citizen of the UK. When you decide to give up that right to vote because ‘you can’t be bothered’ or ‘no party is good anyway’ you are giving up the right to complain. You are throwing away the right people have fought to get you. You throwing away an opportunity people around the world would love to have.

voting image
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I speak to people my age all the time and hear them complain about the state of the country and the political system and then I ask┬áthe important question: do you vote? They respond with ‘I don’t see the point’.┬áThat is the reason the current political system doesn’t listen to young people because they don’t represent themselves in the voting numbers. They complain all year round but when they have the chance to make a difference, they disappear.

Many people blame the fact that they don’t know how to vote and who to vote for and so on. I am sorry the education system failed us here because they never told us how this all works. But, were you born knowing how to play video games? Did you know how to use social media or how to do that new hairstyle? NO! You spent hours learning, watching videos and testing things out. I am sure you can do the same for voting. All it requires is a little research and a few political conversations to understand where you stand. This decision will effect not just you but the future generations to come. So vote today, for a better tomorrow.

Just like every penny is important to make a pound, every vote is important to make a difference.

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I won’t tell you who to vote for because that is not my decision to make but I will encourage you to vote because the moment you choose not to vote is the moment you are letting down a whole generation of people with your single decision.


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9 thoughts on “8th June

  1. I’m voting from Canada as a UK national. I am surprised to learn there are so many unregistered voters in the UK. I would think with all that has happened in the last year people would be keen to vote…


  2. I completely agree with you when you say that people have no right to complain when they’re not voting to make change. Although, being a 20-something in the US throughout this past election season has been incredibly inspiring. My peers really made their voices heard and got out there and voted. It is a bit upsetting to speak to people who don’t believe their voice matters. If there are millions or even thousands of people saying that then they are making a HUGE impact by not making their voices heard.


    1. It is all such a complicated situation but what people don’t realise is that by not voting they let people like Trump in. Its about choosing the lesser of the two evils sometimes


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