Exam season…URGH!

This one is for the people suffering from this thing called exam season. I feel you. I have been there for most of my life and this year I have the year off from exams Woohoo 🙌🏽

We all hate exam season (and if you disagreed with this then I don’t think we’ll ever be friends). It makes us tired grumpy and in my case fat as I eat everything I see to make the days easier.
But I feel like over my fair share of exams I have developed some ways of ensuring I do well even if I’m still suffering through the season. So, I decided to give you some insight while I chill and enjoy a pizza.
  1. Power naps- now anyone who knows me or has studies with me has probably seen me nap in the library because you gotta do what you gotta do. I am a big believer in power naps and I snooze for 15-20 minutes during revision sessions to maintain energy.

    me sleeping
    Sleeping Beauty
  2. Eat – People often forget to eat or fear that they are eating too much. You are studying and your brain needs food so having something is important. Have a little pack of mixed nuts or fruits or even a bar of chocolate. Without the energy you won’t be able to focus.Me eating a burger
  3. Find your revision style – everyone learns and remembers stuff in a different way. For me writing and teaching that information is the best way. So find out what clicks for you. This is the secret to success.
  4. Have a break – In exam season, people go crazy and so do I. But its important to have a break. Watch an episode of your favourite show (make sure you don’t end up watching the full season) or chat with friends or just go for a little walk. You need to refresh yourself.me enjoying the beach
  5. Best shot – The important thing is to prepare and give it your best. If you feel like you did bad don’t dwell on it and let it affect your other exams. Just keep going!
Most importantly, remember nothing is more important than your health and well-being. You need to look after yourself and stressing too much and getting ill is not the answer. Do your best because that is all you can do!
P.S I embarrassed myself enough in this post through those pictures, so now laugh and get back to revision.

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